Apple App Store prices to increase starting October 5 in these countries

Apple is planning to increase the prices of apps and in-app purchases in its App Store. In a note sent to developers, the company has confirmed that starting October 5, it will raise App Store prices in select regions.
Countries where Apple is planning to increase app store prices
According to the blog post, the company will increase prices for apps and in-app purchases for all the territories that use the euro currency. This includes Eurozone along with some countries in Asia and South America Here’s a list:

  • Chile
  • Egypt
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Vietnam
  • Euro territories (excluding Montenegro)

What’s included in the price hike and what’s not
According to the blog post, Apple will increase the prices of apps and in-app purchases will increase. Things like auto-renewable subscriptions won’t be seeing any price change as a part of the price hike.
Why this price hike is happening
Apple hasn’t revealed the exact reasons behind the price hike. But, In Vietnam, the price change is due to the new regulations for “Apple to collect and remit applicable taxes, being value-added tax (VAT) and corporate income tax (CIT) at 5% rates respectively.”
For other regions, the price hike is expected due to inflation, and interest rates which has dropped the Euro price to an all-time low in the last two-decade.
What it means for users
The price hike on App Store will certainly mean that prices for apps along with in-app purchases will go up for people in the Apple ecosystem living in the countries mentioned above.

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