Changing your home Wi-Fi password: What to do, things to keep in mind and more

When you buy a new broadband connection, it is usually seen that the service engineer who visits the house set up the entire Internet connection and also the router along with the Wi-Fi network password. That means the Wi-Fi password is shared with the engineer along with you. The whole process seems too “complicated” and hence people don’t really change the password. Let us explain and also tell you three simple ways to easily change the Wi-Fi network password.
Why it is important to change the Wi-Fi network password
It makes things a little insecure as the engineer who visited your house or office to set up the connection has your password. The concerned person may – or may not – connect to your network whenever in the range and use it to browse or conduct any internet activity or can also steal sensitive information from your smartphone or laptop.
That’s why it is necessary to change the Wi-Fi network password once the set up process is complete and the engineer has left your house. But, that’s not the only reason. It is also recommended that one should keep changing the Wi-Fi network password time-to-time to keep things a little more secure and dodge occasional leaks and prevent breaches.
So, if you are looking for a way to change your Wi-Fi password, here are three easy ways that you can use.
Change Wi-Fi network password: The ‘universal’ method
Apart from the individual apps that Internet service providers (ISPs) offer, there is a universal method to change Wi-Fi network passwords — using the IP address. Every router has its own IP address which allows users to access network and router settings. This also lets users change their Wi-Fi password. Here are the steps you need to follow:

JioFiber: MyJio app

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