Death Stranding PC Game Pass release: Sony denies involvement in the deal

Death Stranding is set to arrive on PC Game Pass on August 23. However, the game won’t be released for the Xbox Game Pass for consoles. Xbox also recently shared the PC Game Pass announcement trailer video on Death Stranding’s official YouTube account. Moreover, the game’s arrival on PC Game Pass was also confirmed via tweets shared from the official Game Pass Twitter account.

DEATH STRANDING – PC Game Pass Announcement Trailer

According to a report by NME, Sony, despite owning the intellectual property (IP) of Death Stranding, has denied its involvement in adding the game to the PC Game Pass service. The report says that Sony has denied being involved in the licensing deal with Microsoft for its PC Game Pass service.

As per the report, a Sony spokesperson has outlined the company’s involvement with the deal. The spokesperson states that “matters relating to the PC release of Death Stranding are managed by Kojima Productions and 505 Games. Sony has no involvement in this promotion.”
A different version of Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass
The report also suggests that a different version of Death Stranding will be added to the PC Game Pass service. This upcoming version is not the Director’s Cut version which was released for PC in March.
The report claims that the PC Game Pass service will only receive the base game which was initially introduced for PC in 2020. The latest version of the game is currently a console exclusive for the PlayStation group of platforms as Sony owns the intellectual property for the game.

Kojima Productions’ partnership with Xbox Game Studios
The report also mentions that Death Stranding’s creator and director, Hideo Kojima had earlier announced instead of PlayStation, Kojima Productions will be partnering with Xbox Game Studios to develop his next game. Moreover, Norman Reedus has also earlier confirmed that he and Kojima are developing a sequel of Death Stranding.

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