Google Docs makes it easier to add Maps locations to your documents, here’s how

Google has started rolling out a new update for one of its Workspace suite tools — Google Docs — as the company wants this platform to offer a better collaborative experience for all users. The new update for Google Docs will make it easier for users to track down a location directly from their documents. Google now allows users to insert a “Google Maps chip” directly into their document using the “@” menu. Docs users can now simply type the “@” symbol and then type the location or address they want to include. By doing this, users will be able to include a Google Maps overhead map view in the document.
What is a location chip
Initially, Google allowed users to include a Google Maps place chip through the insert menu on the left side of the Docs’ top panel. In 2021, the company started allowing users to insert a place chip by pasting a Maps link directly into the document.

Place chips allow users to add a Google Maps overhead map view of a particular location in their documents. On clicking it, users will be taken directly to the Google Maps app that will show information about the destination which can be viewed in the app’s side panel. Moreover, it can also help users to find directions to the location, and will also assist with other information like — the place’s opening times and busy hours.
How Google is making place chips insertion smoother
As mentioned above, currently users can add a place chip to their document either from the insert menu or by pasting the Google Maps link. However, with this new update, users will be able to place chips through the “@” symbol.
The company has mentioned that the feature will be rolled out for all Google Docs and Workspace users. The new change is already available for most users; if you haven’t received it yet, you need to be a bit patient as it might take some time for the update to come to all users worldwide.

Other changes expected for Google Docs
Google is also planning to allow users to add dropdown chips and table templates to their documents. The company claims that this change will make it even easier for users to collaborate on different projects. These dropdown chips are expected to allow Google Docs users to indicate the status of their document or to include project milestones within it.
Moreover, this tool from Google Workspace’s collaborative suite collection is also making it easier for users to add emojis to documents by allowing users to search and insert the symbols directly in line with your text. Google Docs users can now type in “@” followed by the term, emotion, object and more to bring up a pop-up menu of emojis. Users can also type “@:” or “:” to see the dropdown list of only emojis and will also get the option to navigate through the entire catalogue of emojis.

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