Sony PlayStation VR2 scheduled to release in early 2023

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After a long wait and a couple of reveals, Sony has now given us a timeline for when it is launching the next VR console. Sony revealed in posts on Instagram and Twitter that the PlayStation VR2 is coming in “early 2023.”
Sony has been giving away information about its next-gen VR headset for months. The company first announced the PlayStation VR2 last year. Earlier this year, the company gave a first look at the PlayStation VR2 headset and controllers; they have a similar black and white dual-tone design as the current-gen PlayStation 5 console.
The PlayStation VR2 will feature an OLED display with a 4K resolution, can run at 90Hz or 120Hz and have a 110-degree field-of-view, says Sony. The orb-shaped controllers have adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and finger-touch detection. Also, the PS VR2 will only be compatible with the PlayStation 5.
The PS VR2 will allow players to broadcast themselves while showing gameplay. Further, it will offer a see-through view and a customizable play area. And there will be two modes – VR and cinematic.
The company plans to have over 20 games for the PlayStation VR 2 at its launch. One of the major titles coming to the PS VR2 would be Horizon: Call of the Mountain, based on Sony’s Horizon series.
We do have a tentative release schedule for the upcoming PS VR2 and also know some of its features. But, there is no word on the pricing so far.


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