Twitter’s new feature lets you share tweets with a select few

Twitter has begun rolling out a new privacy-centric feature called Circle which limits your tweets to a chosen circle of people on the microblogging platform. A person’s Twitter Circle may have up to 150 members and they need not be the followers of that person to be a part of their Circle.

Using this feature, one can send out their tweets to a select group on Twitter first and only people in that group will be able to see and reply to that tweet. If you wish to remove people from your Circle, that can be done also without any notification going to them that they have been removed.

In the Twitter mobile app, tap on your photo in the top left corner of the Twitter home screen. This will open the menu with your profile name, Lists, Topics, Bookmarks, etc. You will see that there is the option of Twitter Circle too which will be marked as New.
How to use Twitter Circle
To use this feature, go to the tweet composer and tap/click at the dropdown menu at the top that says “All Followers”. You’ll notice that you have two options now: All Followers and Twitter Circle. Now, select Circle. The Edit button that appears next to the Circle option will help in deciding who to add to your Circle. Now search for people to add through the search bar and add them. People who become a part of your Circle will see a highlighted badge that says,“Only people in @[username]’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet” beneath posts sent to your Circle.

Despite it being a feature that gives you more control over whom you share your tweets with, the posts made in a Circle are still subject to Twitter’s community guidelines. Plus, users can also take screenshots of those posts.

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