WhatsApp Windows native app is now available, here’s how much difference it makes

After keeping the Windows native app in beta for a couple of months, WhatsApp has finally rolled out the final build of the app to all Windows users. The app is now available to download via Microsoft Store. While Windows users have had the WhatsApp Desktop client before which was based on WhatsApp Web, the native app is a standalone app which functions like a proper Windows app. Now, this change brings so many new changes and features including a familiar interface, updated design, better integration with the operating system, ability to remain connected to WhatsApp without keeping your phone turned on and connected to the internet.
So, how does the new native WhatsApp app for Windows affects the user experience? Does it make any difference or is it just another instance of the WhatsApp desktop client? Let’s find out:

New design makes it feel like home
Design is one of the major differences that we noticed between the two versions of the WhatsApp desktop. Essentially, the regular WhatsApp for Desktop app was a little dated in terms of design. The new version, however, is based on Windows 11’s new design and it also gets along with other apps and softwares. When it comes to internal design, the new native app is more like an app we get on our smartphones. It has got rounded corners, an improved layout for easy access to chats, messages, calls, etc.
Deeper integration makes things easier
The old WhatsApp desktop client wasn’t that bad regarding integration with the Windows operating system. However, the native app is much tighter with the notifications and updates. Notifications arrive without any delay. Calling inconsistencies are also gone. The older version used to struggle with the notifications and calls. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.
Things are much faster now
If you’ve used the older version of the WhatsApp desktop client, then you must be aware of the loading time it used to take and refresh the chat feed with new messages. Also, the popup notifications used to act weird before. With the native version, all those quirks seem to be gone for good. Not only the app connects and loads faster, but it also opens up the chat quickly when clicked on a notification.
Overall, the new native WhatsApp app addresses all those issues the older version had. It is more functional, faster and reliable now.

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