Where Winds Meet world premiere trailer unveiled: Gameplay, setting and other details

Everstone Studios has teased its new open-world title Where Winds Meet at the ongoing Gamescom event. The trailer of the upcoming game has also been uploaded on TheGameAwards’ official YouTube account. The trailer has revealed multiple elements such as — travel, combat, stealth and more that are expected to be included in the game as the developers are prioritising player freedom above everything else.

Where Winds Meet World Premiere Trailer | gamescom Opening Night LIVE 2022

Where Winds Meet: Release date and availability
The developer has not shared any details about the official release date of Where Winds Meet, nor it has confirmed the platforms that will receive the open-world historical fiction title. More details are expected to surface in the coming days.

Where Winds Meet: Setting
Where Winds Meet is set at the end of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period before the Song dynasty. The report mentions that players won’t need to be familiar with this historical setting to understand the story. Everstone Studios has stated that “even if players don’t understand the background of the times, they can still feel the ‘decline of the dynasty’ theme of the game.”
Apart from this, the developer is using proprietary technology to create the game’s “complex and grand terrain,” and to develop an open world that enables a lot of player freedom.
How the developers will prioritise player’s freedom in the game
According to a report by IGN, Everstone Studios has confirmed that Where Winds Meet was designed with “a high degree of freedom in mind.” Considering this, the game is also expected to include a jobs system that will allow players to specialise in a “variety of identities and occupations that exist in an Oriental martial arts society.”
Moreover, the developer’s importance on player freedom is also demonstrated at the start of the trailer, where the character is seen paying an NPC for information and later using magic to steal an item.
As per the report, Everstone Studios has also mentioned that this event can be approached in multiple different ways which will eventually lead to various outcomes. For instance, players will not only have to fetch items from afar, but they can also buy them directly, however, it might cost gamers a lot of money, the report suggests.

Where Winds Meet: Gameplay
In Where Winds Meet, the characters can fall sick due to harsh weather, so players in the game can learn medicinal abilities to become a doctor who can heal not only themselves but also NPCs and even other players who are online. However, Everstone has confirmed that players can choose other occupations, other than becoming a doctor.
Players can become an orator in the upcoming game to use the power of words to convince NPCs to follow their advice. They can become an architect who builds all kinds of imaginative buildings and even a bodyguard who protects players or NPCs from assassins. Apart from this, players can also choose to become a ferryman who takes passengers on a tour of the river.

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