Why these Apple employees want Apple to continue with remote work

Employee group Apple Together has requested tech giant Apple not to force workers to come to the offices three days a week, as per a report by The Financial Times, based on a petition. The petition launched by the group is in response to the new company orders that demand workers of Apple’s Santa Clara Valley offices to come and work there three days a week starting from September 5, 2022.
Though CEO Tim Cook earlier stressed on the in-person collaboration within the company, Apple Together says that “the company’s culture of secrecy makes chance moments of inspiration impossible, and that workers are happier and more productive with a more flexible arrangement.”, as per a report by Engadget.

As per the report, Apple initially wanted to call people to the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. After seeing the pushback from employees, it changed the days which are Tuesday, Thursday and a regular third day which is jointly decided upon by the employees and their manager.
Apple has been trying to enforce its post-Covid policy of getting the employees physically back at the offices since June 2021, and it was at that time when the company announced its three day work-from-office plans. Apple’s plans were put on hold by the resurgence in Covid cases then.

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