With shooter on the loose, Memphis police warn people to stay inside

Memphis police on Wednesday pursued a suspect in relation to multiple shootings, including at least one that was posted on Facebook, and warned people to remain indoors until he was arrested.
There were no initial reports of anyone killed or wounded.
“The suspect is still at large. If you do not have to be out, stay indoors until this is resolved,” police said in a series of Twitter posts, which included a photo of the 19-year-old suspect.
The first alert warned of an armed and dangerous man who was responsible for multiple shootings.
“We are getting reports he is recording his actions on Facebook,” police said.
One brief video posted on Facebook showed a man rambling “this is for real” and using coarse language as he opened the door to a retail store and fired twice at the first person to come into view. Reuters could not verify the video’s authenticity.
KAIT television reported the suspect had fled across the Tennessee state line into Arkansas.
The suspect may have switched vehicles, as police originally said he was in a light blue Infiniti with the rear window busted out, then later said he was believed to be in a gray Toyota SUV.

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