Xiaomi president asks ‘fans’ if they want iPhone 14 Pro’s latest feature

It was always going to be a matter of time, isn’t it? But it has happened a bit too fast. We are talking about Android smartphone makers getting in the race to ‘copy’ Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s latest feature — the Dynamic Island. According to multiple online reports, Xiaomi president Lu Weibing was having an online chat with fans on Weibo, the popular social networking platform in China.
During the chat, users mentioned that they would like to see the Dynamic Island feature on the upcoming Redmi K60 series smartphones. To one of the users, Webbing replied, “do they really need Smart Island”? This also gives us an indicator that Xiaomi may end up calling the feature — if it actually incorporates it — Smart Island. Soon after the unveiling of the iPhone 14 series, a couple of developers had shown how the feature could look on a Xiaomi phone. If history is to go by, then chances are Xiaomi — along with a few others — may end up hopping on the ‘Island’ bandwagon.

Not the first time Apple may ‘inspire’ others

It won’t be the first time other smartphone brands — particularly Xiaomi — get ‘inspired’ by Apple and introduce new features or elements in their devices. When in 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X with a notch, there seemed to be a race on who could follow it up with a similar feature. Xiaomi did launch a phone with a notch as well and it ended up looking strikingly similar to the iPhone X.
If the Dynamic Island — or Smart Island or whatever Xiaomi dubs it — does end up on Xiaomi phones, those will also end up looking quite similar to the iPhone 14 Pro. While it all remains speculation at this point in time, there have been more than a few hints that do suggest that it’s inevitable for Xiaomi to get the Dynamic Island-like feature on its smartphones.

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